The Tale of Rose (2024)

The Tale of Rose

玫瑰的故事, Full Bloom , The Story of Rose , Mei Gui Gu Shi , Mei Gui De Gu Shi , 玫瑰的故事 , The Rose's Tale ,
Rating 8.5
Status: Upcoming Network: , Released: Jun 08, 2024 Duration: 45 min Country: , Type: Drama Episodes: 38 Director: Casts: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Brought into the world in an insightful family, Huang Yi Mei grew up painstakingly protected, similar to a blossom in a nursery. She demonstrated her artistic abilities from a young age and thrived in the workplace. She meets Zhuang Guo Dong there, and the two of them fall in love. However, the pressures of life ultimately cause the two to split up. Subsequent to going through this wild time of both work and grievousness, Huang Yi Mei develops and gradually comprehends the way she needs to take throughout everyday life. Choosing to additional her schooling, she returns to school. She weds Fang Xie Wen, a classmate from college, after she graduates. Nevertheless, this marriage is unfortunately doomed to fail due to their divergent careers. At last, the two decide to separate. Huang Yi Mei meets Pu Jia Ming, her soulmate, as she starts her own business in the art curation industry. Pu Jia Ming, on the other hand, is terminally ill and has only a few months left to live. The red line of affection between them is eventually stopped by death's sickle. Regardless of her melancholy and agony, Huang Yi Mei eventually decides to anticipate the future, carrying on with out her life in the fullest and most amazing style.