Lady Revenger Returns from the Fire (2024)

Lady Revenger Returns from the Fire

披荆斩棘的大小姐, The Lady Who Beat The Thorns , Pi Jing Zhan Ji De Da Xiao Jie , 披荊斬棘的大小姐
Rating 8.5
Status: Completed Network: Released: Apr 26, 2024 Duration: 45 min Country: Type: Drama Episodes: 24 Director: Casts: , , , , ,
Luo man-made intelligence Lian, the delicate and serene oldest girl of the Luo family, lost everything short-term because of an unexpected calamity and was tossed from abundance into an entanglement. In the wake of encountering numerous troubles, she at last encountered a close shave and turned into the oldest girl of the escort organization, Shen Dan Qing, who was fit for both scholarly and hand to hand fighting. She was renewed from the remains and left on the prickly street of destroying her adversaries with her hands, beginning her different life. During the time spent retribution, Shen Dan Qing inadvertently broke into seeing General Xu, who was searching for the buried fortune, stirring his doubt. This made Shen Dan Qing's street to vindicate significantly more highs and lows and one of a kind. In this exhilarating clash of brains and mental fortitude, they helped one another and loved one another, and a progression of energizing stories occurred.