Summer 2023

Snow Eagle Lord

40 episodes · TV Completed 雪鹰领主, : Lord Snow Eagle , Dongbo Xueying Land , Xue Ying Ling Zhu , 雪鷹領主

Dong Bo Xue Ying, otherwise called the Snow Falcon Master, is a young fellow who was brought into the world in a land known as Snow Bird An area. His dad came from humble starting points to ultimately purchase Snow Bird An area. He rose to turn into an honorable, and wedded a lady who had escaped her own blue-blooded family. As Dong Bo Xue Ying becomes older, he starts to understand that the harmony he knew as a young fellow is very nearly breaking. His folks are captured and he sets out to free them. To exacerbate the situation, wicked powers are hoarding their powers in anticipation of an attack on the Xia group.

Dong Bo Xue Ying comprehends that a legend should ascend to overcome the devils – and that that legend should be him! In any case, he can’t overcome these huge powers all alone. So he chooses to combine efforts with Yu Jing Qui, likewise a considerable youthful fighter, and an individual from the world class Changfeng Foundation. The band incorporates the youthful instant transportation expert Pu Yang Bo. Together, they pool their otherworldly powers, fantastic hand to hand fighting abilities, and impressive brains. Will this be sufficient to overcome the devil crowd – or will evil immerse the domain?