Summer 2020

Changkeang MeKhea

58 episodes · TV Completed

A long time since the fight between the evil presences and sky occurred, the spirits of the Star of Mosha and the God of War are shipped off the human domain to serve repentance.

In the human domain, Chu Xuan Ji, little girl of the Shaoyang Sect Leader, is denied of her six detects. At a competition, she meets Yu Si Feng, a gifted devotee of Lize Palace who was brought into the world around the same time as her, and the two foster a fellowship. Promising to meet once more, Si Feng gets back to his faction where he is rebuffed for defying the norms and compelled to wear a veil that might actually hurt his life, while Xuan Ji passes on her home to prepare in hand to hand fighting.

After four years, their fates entwine over again. While voyaging together, recuperated recollections from their previous existences surface, uncovering privileged insights and schemes including themselves and the three domains; devil, brilliant, and mortal. These disclosures significantly affect their relationship, making an irregularity in every one of the three domains.

Kanchrong Kantuy 9

32 episodes · TV Completed

The legendary nine-followed fox, or gumiho, Lee Yeon needed to get comfortable the city ages ago. Ready to change into human structure, he kills otherworldly creatures that compromise the human world. His genuine point is to track down the rebirth of his lost first love.
The skilled TV maker Nam Ji Ah works in a show that highlights metropolitan legends. Before, her folks were associated with a secretive auto crash and vanished, and she thinks that Lee Yeon may be associated with this mishap.

The relative to Lee Yeon is the spellbinding Lee Rang. Notwithstanding being half-human himself, he harbors a well established hatred for all individuals. For sport, he will release his tempting ability upon his human-of the day, by promising to allow them their desires, just to fool them into addressing a robust cost for their natural cravings.

Kbach Kun Kambet Pikheat

51 episodes · TV Completed

Zhou Fei is the granddaughter of a public legend who had to turn into a desperado to serve everyone’s benefit. For a considerable length of time, her granddad, then her mom, were accused of running a mystery stronghold, staffed by scoundrels. The post’s job is to safeguard the world against bizarre, supernatural champions goal on carrying their exceptional kind of turmoil to the human domain However, the stronghold has fallen in status lately, and Zhou Fei is tired of being restricted to the spot of her introduction to the world. She yearns to get away and puts forth rehashed attempts to move away. However, her life changes everlastingly when she nearly suffocates and is just saved by a unique youthful combative techniques master named Xie Yun.

The couple frames an improbable kinship and chooses to level up their battling abilities together – an opportune choice as noxious powers are currently plotting new difficulty. The pair starts on an undertaking. Yet, as time passes by, they start to uncover privileged insights… including that of Xie Yun’s actual personality.

Legend of Awakening

Mango TV
48 episodes · TV Ongoing

In the Five Lines and Ten Realms period, youthful Lu Ping gets away from the fiendish powers of Shanhai Pinnacle and finds his profound personality in a snapshot of illumination – or rather, his otherworldly characters, as he becomes mindful of six unmistakable spirits spinning through his being. At the point when Lu later starts to prepare and develop under his educator’s unbelievable direction, he meets timeless brethren and procures the love of the youthful miss Qin en route. Everything is working out positively until a dream uncovers his relationship to an unsettled wrongdoing in the combative techniques universe of 10 years sooner.

Mun Sne Pet Srey-Dr.Cutie (2020)

28 episodes · TV Completed

Shen Zhao emergency room is the little girl of the castle named specialist and grew up with Ji Heng, the child of an authority of the lord. In an occurrence of harming concerning a regal partner, Zhao emergency room’s dad, Specialist Shen, is outlined for homicide, it being executed to bring about the entire family. The homicide is really planned, notwithstanding, and completed by an old buddy that sold out Specialist Shen. Along these lines, Zhao trama center’s whole family passes on to no end, yet she’s saved throughout execution, and she makes due.

Zhao emergency room determinedly concentrates on medication so she can enter the Ji official family home to research the plot behind the execution of her loved ones. At the point when she at last makes it into the Ji family house as the specialist of Ji Heng’s life partner under the hidden name Tian Qi, a progression of bent murders and tricks unfurl right in front of her to test both her mind and information to save herself and the ones she cherishes.

Nak Klahan Chorjork Reatrey II

Tencent Video
43 episodes · TV Completed

Legend says that the timeless night is drawing nearer and that a disaster will happen to humankind. After Sang’s personality is found, Ning Que gives his best for safeguard her.

Ning Que has battled long and difficult to acquire equity for his loved ones. In his street to development, he has turned into a defender of Tang Country. In any case, shrewd individuals have uncovered Sang’s association with the timeless evening and means to kill her. Reluctant to see his lifelong companion get injured, Ning Que goes with her in defeating numerous obstructions. As of now, the Tang Nation is in danger of falling under the control of warlords. Ning Que gets requests to lead the military in safeguarding the country.

Nak SerbKar Srey TheanSanChhy

27 episodes · TV Completed

A story that follows the particular female specialist Tian San Qi as she looks for her tragically missing ‘sibling’ and breaks many cases en route.

Growing up, Tian San Qi had an odd preference for performing dissections. She had a more seasoned ‘sibling’ who might constantly be close by and they spent numerous great years together. At some point, he bafflingly vanishes. San Qi as a kid vows to find her genuine romance and commitments never to wed except if it’s him.

In her hunt, she goes over numerous expected competitors and structures new companionships. The group unintentionally becomes associated with a few cases in the space one of which appears to be firmly connected with the vanishing of her ‘sibling’ such an extremely long time back. A stunning connivance that is 10 years in the making becomes exposed.

Preah Chan BomPleu Chaing Tong

36 episodes · TV Completed

Peculiar and unusual, Zhan Qing Hong grew up all around ok, however she never shared the fantasies generally cherished by her companions. While different young ladies longed for wedding great, Qing Hong dreams of just something single: to turn into an incredible combative techniques ace. Prepared to transform her fantasies into the real world, Qing Hong entered the combative techniques world with wide-peered toward honesty and unquenchable interest.

Tragically, it didn’t take more time for her to understand that the world which she had for such a long time accepted to be a universe of exemplary nature and honor, was really constrained by underhanded swindlers. Not entirely settled to change the battling scene, Qing Hong depends on her insight and perseverance to achieve change; yet the work ends up being both troublesome and risky. Understanding the way she has picked might be too slippery to even consider traveling solo, Qing Hong never presumed that Junan City’s infamous playboy would be the one to come close by her on her journey. However, when destiny unites them, that is actually the thing Lin Fang does.

Involving his standing as a debilitated blue-blood with a propensity for charming ladies to conceal a lot hazier thought processes, Lin Fang has yet one objective throughout everyday life: to get payback for his tribe. In the wake of meeting Qing Hong, Lin Fang’s solidified heart starts to relax and he ends up attracted to her surprising charms. Reluctant to allow Qing Hong to take on her conflicts alone, Lin Fang makes a go of her objective and together, they assume the overwhelming assignment of improving and modifying the universe of hand to hand fighting from the beginning.

Sne Krom Domnok Pleang

24 episodes · TV Completed

To save human lives, a legendary snake sovereign expects the endeavor of completing the dry season. He encounters enthusiastic affections for a young woman, yet ends up stuck shorewards for a long while after she vanishes with his changed winged snake scale.

Because of a super drought, the streams and seas have dried and people have been grieving. Ning Xiu Rui is the second leader of the Winged snake group. On his journey to land, he encounters energetic sentiments a young child from a fishing town and gifts her his switched legendary monster scope as an identification of their affiliation. As the drought arrives at a resolution, Ning Xiu Rui comprehends that both the young woman and his revamped winged snake scale are strangely gone. Ning Xiu Rui finds that the young child moved away from around 12 PM. Envisioning that he has been tricked, Ning Xiu Rui is passed on to wander the territories since he can’t get back without his legendary monster scope.

Following 500 years right when Ning Xiu Rui was at the edge of giving up, he suddenly resources his turned around legendary monster scope. At the same time, a woman named Su Yin who intently looks like the cheat who deceived him makes an appearance once more.

Somros Pit Thet Knong Kanhchork

34 episodes · TV Completed

True Beauty is a rom-com about a secondary school young lady Lim Ju Gyeong, who ascends to pretty young lady distinction after she excels at make-up from YouTube. She transforms into a goddess due to her cosmetics abilities, however would prefer to kick the bucket than uncover her exposed face to anybody.
It recounts her romantic tale with the main kid that saw her without cosmetics, Lee Su Ho. Lee is an alluring and attractive kid who seems cold on account of his dim past yet is exceptionally mindful. They develop when they meet each other imparting their insider facts and finding affection to one another, yet might Su Ho at any point make Ju Gyeong track down her actual magnificence?

Vichea Pet Jrek Phop | A Quest To Heal

32 episodes · TV Completed

Li Jishi, a relative of notable specialist Li Shizhen from Ming Dynasty who runs a home grown eatery, meets Luo Mingyi who professes to have come from Ming Dynasty, and she brings along Bi Zheng, a Brocaded Robe Guard. Jishi vows to assist them with timing travel back, with the thought process of figuring out how to rescue an error that made sweetheart Yan Tingting leave him. Bi still up in the air to get back to Ming Dynasty and wed Mingyi whom he subtly cherishes, however Mingyi is spurred to help Jishi here.