Summer 2019

Atkambang Komnop Mohasal

51 episodes · TV Completed

Follow the story of a blooming sentiment between a youthful business-smart drifter and the concealed legend who provides to her with some much needed help. The vagabond’s actual character is that of the Divine Maiden. At the point when uncovered she will get amazing fortune, adversaries start to chase her down. While living on the run, she meets her rescuer, an aggressive ruler with his sights immovably set on the lofty position.

Bros Chlat Srey Chneum

41 episodes · TV Completed

Han Shang Yan, a previous legend in the CTF network safety esports world, had long resigned to set up his own esports club, K&K, to prepare a gathering of youthful teen young men as expert esports competitors. One night, after a K&K misfortune at a CTF contest, Han Shang Yan strolls into a web bistro to chill.

A software engineering virtuoso and parttime web-based vocalist, Tong Nian had been assisting her cousin with monitoring his web bistro one night when Han Shang Yan strolls in and she quickly succumbs to him from the start. Normally daring, active, and having a huge number of devotees from singing covers on the web, she ends up needing to draw near to him and makes a few ungainly endeavors to do as such.

Chakhu Achariyak

56 episodes · TV Completed

It is said that main people with the “soul language” (言灵 in Chinese and Kotodama in Japanese) can have a couple of Golden Eyes. A basic pawn shop specialist, Zhuang Rui had his own eyes transformed after a mishap during a theft endeavor of an old Jade cutting. His transformed eyes in this manner acquired many changes to his life numerous startling ways he might at any point envisioned. His new life began after he took on the sets of extraordinary eyes and his profound experience started. The mythical serpent faction are the main people who approach this power and Chu Zi is the main individual separated from the mythical serpent family who can use this enchanted power. Nonetheless, Chu Zi’s degree of authority over the sets of brilliant eyes isn’t equivalent to that of the two siblings from the winged serpent group, Lu Ming Fei and Lu Wei Zhe, who are additionally gave with this mysterious gift.

Komnum Chheam Piphop Tbong Pich

53 episodes · TV Completed

A hopeful planner nearly loses everything because of a plan to bring her down. She meets the replacement of a chief gem dealer that makes ready for a sizzling sentiment. Gao Jie has consistently longed for turning into a gems planner, so she gathers up her packs to look for employment at a mining organization in South America. She becomes hopelessly enamored with Yu Zhi, the replacement of Sheng Feng Gems.

Things don’t go flawlessly for Gao Jie subsequent to getting back to China, however to seek after her enthusiasm, she finds a new line of work at Sheng Feng. Sheng Feng used to be the gold name in the business. In any case, wild contest from Western gem specialists has decreased the brand’s unmistakable quality throughout the long term. To return the organization once again to its previous brilliance, Yu Zhi breaks custom by zeroing in on Western plans.

After Gao Jie joins Sheng Feng, she becomes captivated with the choice excellence of customary Chinese gems and becomes set on making plans that combine Eastern and Western impacts. Unfortunately, their collaboration and maturing sentiment experience detours because of Yu Zhi’s stepmother, Mu Zi Yun. She is likewise Gao Jie’s auntie, who has been plotting to assume control over the organization.

Komnum Chheam Samnak Pril

56 episodes · TV Completed

A story that follows the pro at Listening Snow Tower and the lady that he cherishes. He is a combative techniques master known to be a mythical serpent among men and she is known as the blood evil spirit’s girl.
The Bai Yue Sect is a toxic substance to humankind and the wellspring of calamity in the pugilistic world. Bai Di, Xue Gu, and Xue Mo who are three of the most impressive combative techniques specialists in Wulin hold hands with Xiao Shi Hui to overcome Bai Yue. Hua Lian, the faction head of Bai Yue, utilizes a consecrated chime to interfere Xue Mo’s psyche, attempting to compel him to kill his little girl with his own hands yet he ends his own life.

Bai Di takes in Xue Mo’s stranded girl Shu Jing Rong as his devotee. She grows up with her military siblings Qin Lan, Qing Yu and Xue Gu’s inclined toward pupil Xiao Yi Qing who is the child of Xiao Shi Hui. When Jing Rong finds that she is reviled with a destiny that brings others disaster, she becomes overpowered with culpability. Shu Jing Rong takes her dad’s Blood Rose Sword with her to join Listening Snow Tower. Along with the youthful expert Xiao Yi Qing, they set up a battle against Bai Yue Sect.

Mjas Than Taing 3 – L.O.R.D Critical World

48 episodes · TV Completed

As the seventh duke, Yin Chen can employ the force of the breeze, fire, water and earth. As he attempts to safeguard his pupil Qi Ling, he uncovers a historic mystery.

During the fifteenth century B.C., the relatives of past heads were trapped in an unending fight for the standard over Shang. Despite the fact that Yang Jia prevails with regards to expecting the high position, the country has become overflowing with inside and outer strife. As indicated by legends, the person who gets the assistance of Chi You’s relative can govern the world. Yin Chen drives the inquiry in order to end the contention. Qi Ling is a young fellow from a little town who becomes Yin Chen’s follower by some coincidence, accordingly starting his phenomenal excursion.

Nak Chambang Entry Pikheat

56 episodes · TV Completed

Lu Gui Chen is the main beneficiary of the roaming Qingyang clan, and is shipped off the Eastern Land as prisoner. He meets Ji Ye, an unfavoured ill-conceived child who is preparing to turn into a fighter, and Yu Ran, the princess of the Winged clan. The three become dear companions, and the young men’s affections for Yu Ran before long turn heartfelt.

Simultaneously, strong warlord Ying Wu Yi has been keeping a firm command over the Emperor, giving him uncommon control over the aristocrats. Lu Gui Chen, Ji Ye, and Yu Ran choose to join the definitive fight against Ying Wu Yi at Shangyang Pass, yet unbeknownst to them, a much more obscure connivance is yet to unfurl.

Nak Klahan Dav Pi Kheat

34 episodes · TV Completed

In antiquated China, the Kingdom of Heng has reached power, apparently stopping many years of ridiculous conflict and social turmoil. However, not every person is content with the norm – in particular Ding Ning.

Ding Ning is a young fellow from an unassuming foundation, scourged by a persistent sickness. He maintains a longstanding animosity toward the new imperial family and fantasies about removing them. Outfitted with speedy brains and exceptional hand to hand fighting abilities, he sets out on a mission of retribution against the Great Heng. His sworn objective is to end the existence of the King, and he desires to assemble similar partners to assist him with framing a “Blade Dynasty” that will one day rule the whole country. En route, he experiences the delightful Zhang Sun Qian Xue, the oldest little girl of a compelling aristocrat. She additionally ends up being a deadly champion – and potentially his most remarkable partner.

Would the team be able to frame an improbable coalition – and would their relationship be able to bloom into sentiment? Will Ding Ning and the Sword Dynasty prevail in their daring bid for power? Will he rout the Kingdom of Heng? Or then again will the decision imperial family demonstrate excessively solid?

Nak Niporn Chhlong Phub

46 episodes · TV Completed

Fan Xian is brought into the world in the antiquated realm of Southern Qing with recollections of the 21st 100 years. He lives in a country town as the ill-conceived child of the Pastor of Money, raised by his grandma. His mom, Ye Qing Mei, was once a commended creator and the pioneer behind the Overwatch Office, the nation’s government operative organization however was killed not long after her child was conceived. Fan Xian has since been safeguarded by a visually impaired combative techniques master, Wu Zhu, his mom’s protector. He learned combative techniques and the specialty of toxin as a kid, likewise helped by his insight from the 21st 100 years.

After a death endeavor, he chooses to wander into the money to figure out more about his puzzling mother and why anybody would need to kill him, as he sees himself to be an immaterial individual. He likewise needs to know why he has recollections of a forcefully unique time. In the capital, he unintentionally meets Lin Wan trama center, the wiped out ill-conceived little girl of Princess Imperial, and goes gaga for her. Unbeknownst to him, she is the lady the ruler decided for him to wed with the goal that he would be the new supervisor of the Illustrious Depository, an organization Fan Xian’s mom laid out in the castle and right now taken care of by Princess Imperial.

Proyuth Dembey Cheat

48 episodes · TV Completed

In the early years of the 20th century, Chinese military forces find themselves locked in a drawn-out, bloody conflict as they fight back again the Imperial Japanese army.

The government drafts young male conscripts to defend the besieged northeast of the country – but a woman named Xie Xiang also wants in on the action. She decides to cut her hair short and assume her brother’s identity in a bid to join the Chinese army. Xie Xiang quickly proves herself more than capable in soldiery, and soon wins herself a place in an elite military academy in Shanghai.

At the academy, she befriends a number of young male recruits, including quarrelsome rich kid Gu Yan Zheng and the gentle and introverted Shen Jun San. As the recruits begin to hone their skills, they grow in confidence – and decide to take measures of their own in an attempt to foil the invading forces.

But their struggle becomes more complicated when both Gu Yan Zheng and Shen Jun San begin to develop feelings for Xie Xiang. Will the comrades-in-arms survive the bitter ravages of military conflict? Will love derail Xie Xiang’s quest for justice? And will all really prove fair in love and war?

Reachny Dugu

50 episodes · TV Completed

After their family was improperly mistreated because of the maneuvers of a bad authority, Dugu Jia Luo held severe assumptions for herself to be free areas of strength for and early in life. Her better half Yang Jian is a man of incredible soul. He is a fighter, gifted in fight, who ascends the positions to turn into the Emperor. With Dugu Jia Luo close by, they prevail with regards to joining the country under the Sui Dynasty. The couple stay in a monogamous relationship notwithstanding their majestic status and come to be respected by individuals as the two holy people because of their exceptional commitments to another brilliant age.

Sdach Thnam Vei Kmeng

36 episodes · TV Completed

An illustrious from a hallowed clan consolidates Qing Nang Shu with Eastern and Western practices to fix the wiped out and save the perishing.

Mu Xing Chen who comes from the Shen Mu Tribe has been reading up medication for a really long time. At the point when Ye Yun Shang, a young lady from a group of specialists, barges into their region, he saves her from inconvenience and winds up taking off with her. Needing to get away from the governmental issues inside his family, Xing Chen takes a shot in the ordinary world. His process assumes him to a position distressed by an uncommon sort of the plague. Notwithstanding the preliminaries, he goes on an excursion to turning into an expert of medication all while tracking down affection.

Tep Thida Ouk Lok Piphop Kun

55 episodes · TV Completed

While endeavoring to take her ancestor’s Wanjun Sword, Lu Zhao Yao is trapped by the ten eternal organizations and kicks the bucket. She erroneously accepts Li Chen Lan, who is her best partner, is connected with the occurrence after he is uncovered to be the evil spirit lord’s child.

After five years, Li Chen Lan has assumed control over the place of the Wanlu group pioneer, and Zhao Yao chooses to get payback. She who is currently a soul, has the group of Qin Zhi Yan, a female devotee of the Immortal Sect, and with the assistance of the recently acquired body, she turns into the immediate supporter of Mo Qing otherwise known as Li Chen Lan fully intent on killing him. In any case, things don’t go as expected, when she gradually begins to experience passionate feelings for him all things considered.

In the interim Jiang Wu, an aggressive youth, needs to kill Li Chen Lan and become the organization chief. He is keen on Zhi Yan. What will happen when their lives are interceded? Can Zhao Yao recover her body back and turn into the order chief once more? What is the destiny of Qin Zhi Yan, whose body Zhao Yao had?