Summer 2018

Achariyak Monus Boran

24 episodes · TV Completed

During the Han Dynasty, Zhen Jun is driven off a cliff in a struggle for leadership of his family. Saved from plummeting to his death by a being from outer space, Zhen Jun is placed in a healing, deep sleep. In the year 2020, Zhen Jun wakes to find his prolonged sleep has granted him super human abilities. A time travel adventure now begins…

ChomNorng Sne Sopaknimit

iQiyi, JSTV
40 episodes · TV Completed

It recounts the narrative of Nan Qiao, a vocation lady who finds her fiancee engaging in extramarital relations. She says a final farewell to him yet in addition loses a significant colleague subsequently. Frantic for another arrangement, she meets likely financial backers at a bar where she clashes with the bar proprietor Shi Yue. She is by all accounts somebody connected with his past so he intentionally draws near to her to figure out more, eventually succumbing to her simultaneousl

Chuob Pheak Jumpeak Sne

50 episodes · TV Completed

Li Zhi Cheng is a previous warrior who has been requested to assume control over his privately-owned company’s when business was going downhill. He has a critical gathering with Lin Qian, a free and able middle class who was newly graduated and getting troubles in beginning together her own business. Because of Li Zhi Cheng’s finished absence of involvement with business, no one in the business had trusts in this recently designated CEO of Wen Da. Yet, with the assistance of Lin Qian’s functioning experience and drive, combined with Li Zhi Cheng’s brains and techniques, they present to Wen Da’s business higher than ever together. ~~ Adapted from the book “Our Glamorous Times” by Ding Mo.

Hang Bongkrab Neak

Hunan TV
52 episodes · TV Completed

Tianji Zenith, the primary relationship of the pugilistic not altogether firmly established to expel Liu Zi Ye, the overbearing head of the Liu Tune organization. To achieve their focal objective, Tianji Apex replaces his sister Liu Chu Yu with their own adherent and Princess-duplicate Zhu Que. Zhu Que meets the Princess’ learned pal Rong Zhi, who turns out to be an incognito employable from Northern Wei.

Liu Chu Yu and Rong Zhi’s relationship in the end isolates over misleading ideas and differentiating loyalties, and the last choice fakes his passing to recuperate Chuyu’s remission. Then, Liu Chu Yu as her memories killed by incomparable precious stone gazer and Rong Zhi gets his mind cleaned. They meet five years later when Chu Yu is delivered off marry Northern Wei’s Ruler official, who is, in actuality, the now Rong Zhi.

Mun Sne Tepthida Chhma-I’m a Pet At Dali Temple (2018)

Sohu TV
22 episodes · TV Completed

Ru Xiao Lan is a young lady from the present day. Through a progression of conditions, she goes to the old times as a feline. Simply by some coincidence, she meets Qing Mo Yan who’s experiencing a toxic substance and as they kiss, they understand that they’ve tracked down the answer for one another’s inconveniences. Choosing to remain together for their own benefit, the two leave on an excursion to find the five-hued stone that can break Xiao Lan’s revile and the phantom grass that can fix Mo Yan’s difficulty.

Nak Klahan Komlang Tep

46 episodes · TV Completed

A conflicting of verifiable occasions and sci-fi happen towards the finish of the Qin Dynasty and the start of Han and spins around verifiable figures like Qin Shi Huang, Liu Bang, Han Xin, Zhang Liang and Xiang Yu.
Han Xin is a young fellow with unconquerable capacities, however his gifts are not valued in his time and he gets through the maltreatment and embarrassment of others. At some point, a secretive man in dark offers Han Xin a change to change his destiny. Through the force of the divine beings, the man in dark will help Han Xin in return for an arrangement. As Qin Shi Huang, Liu Bang, Xiang Yu, and Zhang Liang stroll towards the eye of the tempest, Han Xin understands that a secret power has been controlling the moving of lines.

Sdach Aky

28 episodes · TV Completed

A story rotating around the Fire God, the Breeze Goddess and the following sentiment between them as they put their lives in danger for their country.
Millennia prior, there was a lovely planet among the stars where the gods resided. Among them, there were six strong divine beings that incorporate the Lord of Fire, Goddess of Wind and the Lord of Mountain. They kept up with the harmony in the domains. During a hazardous fight with dull powers, the divinities experience a colossal blow. Wind is mysteriously absent in the wake of safeguarding Fire. To find an other energy source to save their home, Fire goes to the superb period of Tang Tradition where he meets an individual who very closely resembles his tragically missing adoration, the Goddess of Wind and lights a convoluted sentiment between the two.

Sena Tevada

46 episodes · TV Completed

It has been foretold over three thousand years ago that the apocalypse is impending and that one Taoist grandmaster will emerge to save the world. To give the people a fighting chance, the immortals have gathered a team of gifted individuals in search for the sacred shield.

Zhong Kui Chab Beisach

55 episodes · TV Completed

A story that follows an upstanding goddess and a constable with a chilly outside who hold hands to address wrongdoings and track down affection en route.

During the Song Dynasty, Bao Long Tu who administers Kaifeng has become known as the new ‘Bao Qing Tian’. Duan Mu Cui plunges to the human domain and lays out her own group with the aim to vanquish satanic powers who try to hurt people. The fourth position royal watchman Zhan Yan gets requests to help Duan Mu Cui, hence starting their excursion against phantoms in the pugilistic world.