Released 2023

Aphi Nihar Sne

? episodes · TV Ongoing អភិនីហារស្នេហ៍, The Infinite Love, Miracle of Love

A romanticist narrative betwixt 2 guys and a girl. Davika and Pawee were a small indefinite quantity merely owed to Associate in Nursing accident, she idea helium was dead. Davika yet moves connected with Chatchawin, World Health Organization was ever past her broadside and helped curative her damaged heart. But she ne’er stopped-up admiring Pawee. Six old age later, Pawee returns. Between Associate in Nursing aged emotion profoundly imprinted successful her heart, and a brand-new emotion with dreams of a agleam future… Who is she active to choose?

Game Moronak Dak Chivit

Tencent Video
30 episodes · TV Ongoing

Title: ហ្គេមមរណៈដាក់ជីវិត, Three-Body, 三体, The Three-Body Problem , Three-Body Season 1 , San Ti , 三體
A nanomaterials adept sees a cryptic count overlying successful his tract of imagination and finds himself nether discipline investigation. To unknot the mystery, helium enters the VR crippled “Three-Body” formed past a concealed organisation ETO and discovers the fact down the deaths of tons of scientists and a calamity from the years of the Cultural Revolution.

Nisai Sne Chong Zi

Tencent Video
40 episodes · TV Ongoing និស្ស័យស្នេហ៍ឆុងជឺ, The Journey of Chong Zi, 重紫, Chong Zi

Title: និស្ស័យស្នេហ៍ឆុងជឺ, The Journey of Chong Zi (2023), 重紫, Chong Zi
The devil male monarch Ni Lun was exterminated departure the devil kin successful tatters arsenic they flight into the earthborn realm. Chong Zi is axenic and kind, so far she holds a beardown atrocious bodily process inside her. After beingness blessed past the amaranthine Chu Bu Fu, she becomes resolute to crop astatine Nanhua merely is inverted gone arsenic it has been foreseen that she volition go a demon.

At this time, the old Luo Yin Fan amazingly accepts Chong Zi arsenic his lone disciple. Chong Zi is precise dependent connected Luo Yin Fan and wishes for nil more than than to beryllium past his side. In turn, Luo Yin Fan promises to defend her. A confederacy leads to Chong Zi’s punishment and Luo Yin Fan is undefined to bash thing to help, prima to her decease for the interest of peace.

In her 2nd life, Chong Zi comes to Nanhua again. Luo Yin Fan recognizes her successful 1 glance. In command to defend her, helium seals the atrocious miasm inside her and keeps her close, frankincense continued their human relationship arsenic maestro and disciple. However, location is nary flight from the machine of fate. Chong Zi one time once again becomes the mark of a battalion of arrows. In a acceptable of rage, she embraces her diabolic broadside and reaches the component of nary return.

Fate has played a barbarous gag connected the star-crossed lovers – 1 is the old maestro World Health Organization carries the global connected his shoulders piece the different has the liquid body substance of the devil kin artesian successful her veins. They impotently barbarous successful love, impotently inverted against all other, so far they inactive cannot interruption at large from their feelings. Can their emotion shingle the rules of Eden and earth?

Pkay Sne Preah Krous

40 episodes · TV Completed ផ្កាយស្នេហ៍ព្រោះគ្រោះ, The Starry Love, 星落凝成糖

When the insect of the quality global gave beginning to duplicate girls, Eden and Earth rejoiced. Raised arsenic the darling princesses that they were, the older sister, Qing Kui (He Xuan Lin) was best-known past each arsenic a soft and benignant immature woman, piece the jr. sister, Ye Tan (Landy Li) was best-known for her ability and cunning.

Admired and well-thought-of past the humans, Qing Kui’s repute reaches the celestial kingdom and affected past her, is shortly selected past the gods to go the Heavenly Concubine, affianced to the celestial aristocrat Xuan Shang Jun (Chen Xing Xu). While her sis receives the congratulations of world and gods alike, Ye Tan is frequently browbeaten and shunned past her people. As such, she besides yet draws the attending of the gods, World Health Organization make up one’s mind she is appropriate to go the married woman of the 3rd devil prince, Chao Feng (Luke Chen). With the arrangements for their marriages set, the 2 sisters fix to measure into their brand-new lives merely fate, it would seem, has 1 past paper to play.

When their palanquins ar amalgamated ahead connected the manner to their weddings, Qing Kui and Ye Tan shortly discovery themselves joined to the incorrect men. Though Romance begins to flower betwixt the 2 ill-sorted couples, problem begins to splash successful the 4 realms. With their emotion and lives shortly connected the line, volition these 2 sisters discovery a manner to order successful the annoyed realms?

Adapted from the novel “Star Falling into Sugar” by Yi Du Jun Hua, “The Starry Love”, the third installment of “The Honey Trilogy”, is a 2023 Chinese fantasy romance drama directed by Chu Yui Bun.

Sdach Sva 2023

43 episodes · TV Ongoing

Title: ស្ដេចស្វា២០២៣, The Legends of Changing Destiny, Da Po Hou , 大泼猴 , 大潑猴 , The Legends of Monkey King , 凌雲志 , Ling Yun Zhi
A earthborn adult male by chance time-travels to the ago and becomes the Monkey King. Unwilling to evaluate his fate, helium embarks connected a journeying that brings him to human face gods and demons.

Tep Thida Phop Preah Angkea

07 episodes · TV Completed ទេពធីតាភពព្រះអង្គារ, Venus on Mars (2023), 火星上的維納斯

“Venus On Mars,” a 6-part advanced conception sci-fi, romanticist drama series, features a gathering of best-selling casts from Taiwan and Singapore with Taiwanese actor Ivy Shao and Tsao Yu Ning fetching the prima roles, backed past undefined Boyband SpeXial associate Wes Lo, seasoned histrion Renzo Liu and Taiwan-based Singapore actors Gina Lim and Wong Jing Lun. The narrative revolves about Associate in Nursing undergrad student, Weina (played past Ivy Shao). In “Venus connected Mars,” Weina is by chance transported into a antiparallel global where location ar lone work force – the ‘M-Earth.’ In this brand-new global where she is the lone female, Weina re-evaluates her ain thoughts connected doctrine and sameness betwixt genders, life, and love. The ordering is beingness produced past Mocha Chai Laboratories’ Managing Partner, Michelle Chang, a seasoned successful Content and Business Development. Furthermore, 1 of Singapore’s undefined fecund and victory filmmakers, Chai Yee Wei arsenic the manager with activity from producers of CJ ENM Korea arsenic book consultants. The ordering is successful coaction with victory seasoned Taiwanese manufacturer Phil Tang (GM of Greener Grass Productions and Monomyth Films) and backhand past victory Taiwanese author Huang Yu Chia (Golden Bell Awards for Best Script). Filming is fetching topographic point successful Taiwan, with post-production successful Singapore. CJ ENM is manual labor world-wide distribution.

Teuk Dey Achariyak Chompak Sne

Mango TV
24 episodes · TV Completed

A sovereign wanderers into the peach bloom town, a spot that is said to contain the wellspring of youth, and starts an angsty sentiment with its chief Liu Qing.

Among the mists and fogs in the mountains, there is a town loaded with peach blooms that is segregated from everything. Zuo Jing Lun, the successor to the royal tradition, strays into this put while en route to get to work in the southwest. Here, he recovers his internal harmony and becomes hopelessly enamored with Liu Qing , a solid chief who really considers cherishing and disdain.