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Aphutahet Ler Rot Yon Krong

15 episodes · TV Ongoing អព្ភូតហេតុ លើរថយន្តក្រុង, Reset (2022), Kai Duan, 开端

An unexplainable peculiarities finds school going understudy, Li Shi Qing, caught in a ceaseless time circle where she is constantly stuck on a public help transport which is expected to detonate, carrying demise and obliteration to herself as well as to all ready.


Frantic to figure out how to get away from the time circle as well as her disastrous destiny, Shi Qing accidentally hauls individual transport traveler Xiao He Yun into the time circle too. Together they attempt to figure out how to adjust their destiny by guaranteeing the transport shows up securely at its objective, yet endeavoring to do so demonstrates everything except simple.

Bomnul Sne Antak Chivit

36 episodes · TV Ongoing

During the Longhua period, eunuch Xiao Couple plotted with Fu Wang to assist him with sitting on the lofty position. Bu Yin Lou should be covered with the late Sovereign, yet she is saved by Xiao Team.

Bu Yin Lou, a woman in-pausing, was intended to be the sovereign’s lady. Because of her status, she should follow him in death, however Xiao Pair saves her since she has grabbed the attention of Fu Wang. She then remains at Xiao’s house, and they develop nearer over the long run. Nonetheless, they can’t uncover their sentiments.

The street is loaded with impediments… what will happen to their destinies?

Bondasa Sneha Chlong Phop

40 episodes · TV Completed បណ្ដាសាស្នេហាឆ្លងភព, Song of the Moon, 月歌行

Title: បណ្ដាសាស្នេហាឆ្លងភព, Song of the Moon, 月歌行, Ben Yue, 奔月, Yue Ge Xing, Moon Song Line, Moon Song Walk, Flying to the Moon
Youthful Liu Shao meets a puzzling man with whom she trades her future for three entire long periods of satisfaction. At first, she has carried on with the lighthearted existence of a beneficiary until she became entangled in the fight between the immortals and the evil spirits. Her association prompts the disentangling of a few heartfelt entrapments among herself and Lu Li, the shrouded godlike covered in secret.

Chamnong Sne Tepthida Pka

36 episodes · TV Completed

As per legend, to get awful power, Dongfang Qing Cang of the Moon Clan turned into an unfeeling beast. He killed his dad, held onto the place of Moon Incomparable and drove a multitude of 100,000 Moon Clan troopers on a way of pulverization. Shuiyuntian (the eternal pixie domain), Cangyan Ocean (the Moon Clan), and Yunmeng Lake (the human world) were in grave peril.

To save the world and stop Dongfang Qing Cang and his military, the primary Lord of Battle of Shuiyuntian annihilated her early stage soul. Dongfang Qing Cang’s military and early stage soul were fixed and his body was locked away in Haotian Pinnacle under the undying obligations of the Haotian Lattice. Notwithstanding, assuming his early stage soul was reestablished and Dongfang Qing Cang were to break liberated from his pinnacle, the world would be in peril again. Legend says that main the Goddess of Xishan can forestall this fiasco, yet she disappeared suddenly.

30,000 years after the primary Lord of War’s penance, there was an aggravation in the Haotian Grid. While endeavoring to assist the new Divine force of Battle with building up the Framework, Orchid, a frail and low-positioning blossom pixie, inadvertently winds up inside Haotian Pinnacle and eye to eye with the Moon Incomparable himself. Their experience sets off a chain of occasions that takes steps to change the destiny of the world indeed.

Chong Phov Bros Sart

40 episodes · TV Completed ចុងភៅប្រុសស្អាត, Cupid's Kitchen (2022), 舌尖上的心跳, Cooking Tasting Loving

Lin Ke Song is endowed with a keen sense of taste, which allows her to distinguish the components of any dish with just one taste. She has never been much of a cook, and as a result, she has never really considered pursuing a profession in the culinary arts, even with her unusual skill. Until she met Jiang Qian Fan, a chef accredited by Michelin, that is.

Ke Song, who is infatuated with another man, makes the decision to travel to America to pursue her one-sided love in the hopes of winning his heart. However, as soon as she gets there, all of her preparations fall through. Soon afterward, the highly acclaimed chef crosses encounters with Qian Fan and is captivated by her unique gift. Ke Song is taken under Qian Fan’s wing and taught how to use her skills in the kitchen. They collaborate to get ready for an impending cooking competition, but there are many bumps in the path.

Ke Song, who is having trouble settling in the kitchen, puts up with Qian Fan’s demanding training. Despite how challenging it may be, she gradually starts to hone her own set of abilities and wins Qian Fan’s respect in addition to a newfound sense of confidence. Will any of this, though, be sufficient to provide her the true longing of her heart?

Domnok Chheam Nak Klahan

50 episodes · TV Completed

As a pupil of the Lei Group, Lei Wu Jie can hardly stand by to demonstrate his value as a legend, however as a just barely entered the military beginner expressions world, the way to turning into a genuine legend is troublesome, best case scenario. Courageous by the difficulties that lay before him, Wu Jie advances toward the extraordinary city of Xue Yue, sure that his time there will shape him into the legend he so yearns to be. Sadly, his outing to Xue Yue is waylaid by a sad disaster at the Estate of Fallen Snow.

As owner of the Manor, Xiao Se has every one of the vibes of a well off landlord, however he can scarcely stand to keep the hotel open. Battling with his business, Xiao Se is not exactly satisfied when his foundation is harmed by the jokes of a youthful, wannabe legend. Requesting that he offer to set things straight for the harm he caused, Wu Jie can imagine just a single method for conciliating the crotchety Xiao Se, and that is to take him with him. With no different choices, the two set off together with next to no thought of what destiny has available for them.

Krouskam Tepthida Ning Athireach Preahchan

36 episodes · TV Completed

According to legend, successful command to get awful power, Dongfang Qing Cang of the Moon Tribe became Associate in Nursing passionless monster. He killed his father, appropriated the place of Moon Supreme and light-emitting diode Associate in Nursing regular army of 100,000 Moon Tribe soldiers connected a way of devastation. Shuiyuntian (the amaranthine faery realm), Cangyan Sea (the Moon Tribe), and Yunmeng Lake (the earthborn world) were successful sedate danger.

The first God of War of Shuiyuntian destroyed her primal spirit in order to preserve the world and halt Dongfang Qing Cang and his army. The army and primordial spirit of Dongfang Qing Cang were sealed, and his body was imprisoned in Haotian Tower by the Haotian Matrix’s eternal bindings. The world would be in danger once more if Dongfang Qing Cang managed to escape from his tower and regain his primordial spirit. Only the Goddess of Xishan, according to legend, is capable of averting this tragedy, but she vanished into thin air.

30,000 old age aft the archetypal God of War’s sacrifice, location was a perturbation successful the Haotian Matrix. While attempting to aid the brand-new God of War reenforce the Matrix, Orchid, a anemic and low-ranking angiosperm fairy, by chance finds herself wrong Haotian Tower and personal with the Moon Supreme himself. Their brush sets disconnected a concatenation of events that threatens to alteration the destiny of the global one time again.

Obasak Kru Pet Chum Neanh

36 episodes · TV Ongoing ឧបសគ្គគ្រូពេទ្យជំនាញ, Dr. Tang (2022), 关于唐医生的一切, Everything About Doctor

Dr. Tang is a medical drama directed by Wen Deguang (“Story of Yanxi Castle”), featuring Qin Lan (“City of Life and Demise,” “Story of Yanxi Royal residence), Wei Daxun (“Ladies In Beijing”), Huang Jue (“Minning Town”) with an extraordinary appearance by David Wang (“Task Gutenberg,” “Love Isn’t Visually impaired”). The show recounts the tale of Tang Jiayu, the head of cardiovascular medical procedure at Anhe Clinic, who, all together of partners, settled 28 instances of troublesome and uncommon heart infections and effectively fostered a locally delivered “attractive levitation fake heart.” Tang Jiayu (played by Qin Lan), a female specialist who has been rehearsing abroad for a long time, out of nowhere gets back to China and joins the Beijing Anhe Jisheng Emergency clinic. There, she replaces Tune Baode (played by Yang Zihua), who has quite recently been acting chief for under a month, to turn into the overseer of the heart place. Furthermore, VP Liu Feng (played by Huang Jue) puts forth the objective of fostering a locally created counterfeit heart, and Jiayu is entrusted with two missions: to treat a wide range of basic cardiovascular patients and create a locally delivered fake heart; and to manage five boisterous male subordinates, and clinical chief Ouyang Zhenyu (played by Gao Lu). Simultaneously, Jiayu and anesthesiologist Ye Yiming (played by Wei Daxun) become slowly became friends to one another, however the presence of her ex Zhao Jinan (played by David Wang) breaks all the harmony before her. At the point when her profession and life hit the base, the fake heart breezed through the creature assessment and was effectively embedded into a fireman’s body, making the cyborg in the sci-fi film a reality. The locally delivered “attractive levitation” fake heart has since authoritatively entered the clinical preliminary stage.

Rik Reay Thngai Thmey

24 episodes · TV Ongoing

An breathless narrative takes topographic point successful the 90s astir the Xiaoji Neighborhood and the antithetic generations of group encouraging and increasing together. They larn astir family, friendly relationship and emotion undefined if they rich person conscionable a communal and fiddling life.

Soben Prathna Bopha Bei Torng

Tencent Video
40 episodes · TV Completed

Sun San Niang and Song Yin Zhang, two of Zhao Pan Er’s closest pals, are also teahouse owners in Qiantang. She refuses to accept her fate and decides to go to the Capital of Bian Jing in pursuit of the truth after she learns that her fiancé abandoned her for another lady of a high ranking officer after becoming an official there. She runs into both of her greatest friends on the way there, whose lives she saves, and they follow her on.

Gu Qian Fan is a commander of the prestigious “Living Devil” Capital squadron. He must uncover the truth about a sinister plot involving the imperial court after being set up by the very individuals to whom he vows fealty. Zhao Pan Er and he initially don’t agree on anything, but as they work together to advance their individual aims, he becomes intrigued by this astute businesswoman.

Veasna Pka Krodas

? episodes · TV Ongoing វាសនាផ្កាក្រដាស, The Root (2022), Rakkaew, รากแก้ว

Rungrorng’s father adopted Roisaithong, an orphan, and took care of her when his father passed away. Roisaithong starts to make an attempt to flee after learning that Rungrorng saw her more as a romantic partner than as a sister. However, given that Rungrorng is always observing and circling her, this task appears to be rather challenging. In this story, a little girl must travel far from her sexually perverted benefactor who has traumatized her deeply. Can Roisaithong make a difference in her life?

Yuthethor Krom Chong Kampleung

30 episodes · TV Upcoming

Title: យុត្តិធម៌ក្រោមចុងកាំភ្លើង, In the Storm (2022), Hei Jin Feng Bao , Hak Gam Fung Bou , 黑金风暴
Two elder members of the police force military unit squad ahead to look into corruptness involving galore top-level social group members successful Hong Kong. Senior Inspector Wai Jing Sheng and ICAC Senior Investigation Director Ho Wai Lin ar neither friends nor foes merely essential usage use their marbles and ability successful a contest against clip to unmasking the truth. As the stake ar raised, Jing Sheng is connected the tally when helium is undefined for a law-breaking and killers ar baking connected his trail…