Released 2020

Dance of the Sky Empire

28 episodes · TV Completed 天舞纪, Dance of the Sky, អ្នកក្លាហានសំណាក់មេឃ, Thiên Vũ Kỷ, บันทึกระบำสวรรค์,

The story is set against the background of the prosperous Tang Administration in a time where people have crushed the Incomparable Mythical beast lord. Moyun Foundation is the main institute in Extraordinary Tang. In any case, it is said that an understudy of the school will turn into the impetus for the arrival of the winged serpent lord as well as the tribe Kunwu. The appearance of Li Xuan, a human and Kunwu mixture; Su You Lian, a saintess; and Long Wei trama center, a sovereign, breaks the delicate harmony. During this time each of the three become trapped in a confounded relationship. As Li Xuan at last turns into a legend to individuals, he faces a problem of choosing where his devotion lies, with his heart and what his identity is or with his country and individuals he has known since youthful?