Released 2020

Kbach Kun Somnak Preah Chan

Tencent Video
48 episodes · TV Upcoming

Title: ក្បាច់គុនសំណាក់ព្រះចន្ទ, Moon on Fire , Yue Shang Chong Huo , Yue Shang Zhong Huo , Yut Seung Chung Fo, 月上重火
A story between Chong Xue Zhi, the youthful paramour of the Lobby of Flares, who sets out on an excursion, and Shangguan Tou, the expert of the Moon Valley, who exclusively desires her.

Chong Xue Zhi, the youthful paramour of the Lobby of Flares, wanders into the military world interestingly. She meets Shangguan Tou, the agile yet forcing expert of Moon Valley. The Lotus God Nine Position Procedure, which fills in as the Corridor of Blazes’ most prominent fortune gets taken. Chong Xue Zhi is expelled from her home, and professional killers are sent after her. She gets by through the assistance of Shangguan Tou, and they experience passionate feelings for.

Chong Xue Zhi is brought together with her second dad Lin Chang Ran and discovers that her dad abandoned a mysterious original copy to counter the devilish indication from rehearsing the Lotus God Nine Position Method. In the interim, a strange man who has dominated the method has carried out numerous killings, imparting dread among individuals. Regardless of the difficulties and mistaken assumptions between them, Shangguan Tou and Chong Xue Zhi held hands to uncover the shrewd brains and take harmony back to the terrains.

Komlang Tep Vimean Than Sour II

Tencent Video
34 episodes · TV Completed

A story between a brilliant winged Feng Ruche and Xue Jingkong, the most recognized magician in the extraordinary fields of Lanzhou. Many strong powers are looking for the main girl of Feng Tianyi and Yi Fuling in a plot to usurp power by keeping her prisoner.

Komnum Sne 2 Cheat

36 episodes · TV Upcoming

Title: គំនុំស្នេហ៌ពីរជាតិ, The Love Lasts Two Minds, Past Life and Life , Happiness Over Two Lifetimes , Liang Shi Huan , Leung Sai Fun , 兩世歡
The twelvemonth is 907 CE and the Later Liang family has conscionable interpreted power of what is present Northern China. A general’s girl called Yuan Qing Li is itinerant to a quiescent convent to chew over successful peace. However, a pack of bandits attacks her party, abducent her and departure her unconscious. She is reclaimed past kindness forces, merely wakes ahead years later, without whatever memories astir the individual she in use to be, people a being that she does non accept to beryllium her own. She besides discovers that she is owed to marry, thing she does non privation to do. She decides to tally gone and a-ok undercover, disguising herself arsenic a man.
The soldierly humanistic discipline skills she erudite when she was jr. shortly semen successful handy, and she rises to the fertile of region constable.
Meanwhile, the Duke of the Liang, Jing Ci, has besides away clandestine arsenic a humble Liang authoritative successful a command to unmasking a demonic confederacy that threatens to return behind the government. The couple teams ahead successful a command to put option Associate in Nursing extremity to the corruptness and aid Yuan Qing Li detect her actual identity.

Komnum Sne Pdo Kay

36 episodes · TV Ongoing គំនុំស្នេហ៍ប្ដូរកាយ, Renascence (2020), Feng Li Jiu Tian , Phoenix Day , 凤唳九天

Set in the mid twelfth 100 years, war takes steps to emit across the place that is known for Da Chu, and the Supreme court is loaded up with defilement and interest. The savage Head and his bad comrades plot to kill Sovereign Yao Mo Xin – and are effective in their pernicious endeavors. In the mean time, other pernicious gatherings pursue down Yao Mo Wan, the Sovereign’s more youthful sister.


In a night loaded with secret, the dead sovereign’s soul enters the body of her more youthful sister, aim on getting back at individuals who violated and harmed her to death. The Ruler, in Yao Mo Wan’s body, enters the Magnificent Court, set on looking for retaliation. She likewise meets (and succumbs to) Ye Jun Qing, a youthful Da Chu sovereign.


As she finds the size of the debasement in the court, she chooses to put forth a valiant effort to see that Ye Jun Qing dismisses the malicious Head. She utilizes the best apparatuses available to her: her brains and normal knowledge to help her cherished in getting the lofty position.

Kong Angkarak Moha Meng

48 episodes · TV Upcoming

Title: កងអង្គរក្សមហាម៉េង, The Sleuth of Ming Dynasty (2020), 成化十四年, The Story of Ming Dynasty, Cheng Hua Shi Si Nian , The Fourteenth Year of Chenghua , Sleuth of the Ming Dynasty
In fifteenth century China, a sharp, senior-positioning government official named Tang Fan has some time off from his standard exercises to research a homicide, collaborating with combative techniques expert sentry Sui Zhou in a bid to tackle the case. At the point when the harmony cherishing property manager of the house Tang Fan is leasing is found dead, the couple researches. It is an evident self destruction, yet the insightful pair rapidly understands that something looks awry. They examine and at last prevail with regards to finding a suspect they accept may have killed the landowner. Yet, they before long discover that this killer didn’t act alone – and is only a more modest player in a lot more fantastic plan.
As they dig further into the wrongdoing, the team before long understands that something exceptionally evil is hatching – including a plot to send off a horrendous upset. Might they at any point stop the lawbreaker plan quickly?

Lok Kru Khnom Kompul Boros

Mango TV
24 episodes · TV Completed

This story rotates around the cold and frigid “male god” teacher Zhang Si Nian and the quiet and bright Yun Shu.

After a peevish first gathering, where Yun Shu dressed down the particularly fussy Si Nian, she was stunned to figure out that he was her college speaker. Through a progression of unplanned experiences, the two consented to participate in a legally binding marriage. As the sentiments between them develop, how might they stay quiet about their relationship from everyone around them?

Louch Sne Kru Komnou

29 episodes · TV Ongoing លួចស្នេហ៌គ្រូគំនូរ, Oh! My Sweet Liar!, Tou Xin Hua Shi , Heart-Stealing Painter, 偷心画师

Xiong Xi Ruo is a youthful female painter who penetrates the family home of the strong Li family to paint a duplicate of a valuable thing. Notwithstanding, her departure from the Li home turns out badly and she tracks down her destiny helpless before Li family main successor Li Hong Canister.


Very nearly capture, Li Hong Receptacle and Xiong Xi Ruo hatch a falsehood – they imagine that she is pregnant with his youngster. This plan suits Li Hong Canister fine, as a marriage with Xiong Xi Ruo will assist him with getting away from an organized marriage with the girl of the Melody family – an association he is especially quick to stay away from.


The Li family gives its assent for Li Hong Receptacle and Xiong Xi Ruo to get hitched, however it isn’t well before certain family members – and the plotting Tune family – start to think that the pregnancy is a phony. In the mean time, as Li Hong Receptacle and Xiong Xi Ruo invest more energy in one another’s organization, they start to foster a developing affection for each other. Could adore blossom between the pair? What’s more, could they at any point make due – or even defeat – the plans at court?

Mjas Athireach Songkream

48 episodes · TV Upcoming

Title: ម្ចាស់អធិរាជសង្គ្រាម, The Great Ruler (2020), The Great Master , Dominant , Great dominate , The Great Ruler , The Great Lord , The Great Thousand World , Great Master , Bei Ling Shao Nian Zhi Zhi Da Zhu Zai , Da Zhu Zai , 大主宰 , 北靈少年志之大主宰
Quite a while back, subsequent to being stifled, the Detestable God transformed into Nine Hostile stares, hiding on the planet, sitting tight for the hour of revival. After 5,000 years, Nine Hostile stares is going to turn into a being. Young man Mu Chen meets Luo Li, the goddess of the Luo God Family, and is associated with Jiuyou Bird’s blood in possibility. They support one another and become together. After the skirmish of Baima City, Mu Chen assumes control over the weight of vengeance for the winged serpent individuals and battling against the Detestable God. Luo Li is elevated to be the Saintess. At long last, Mu Chen and Luo Li work together to overcome the Underhanded God and reestablish harmony to the entire world.

Naja Bongkrab Beisach

Human TV
46 episodes · TV Completed

As a horrendous dry season settles over the land, the world starts to wilt and bite the dust. Frantic to save their lives and their livelihoods, individuals of the Chentang Pass offer all they have as a penance to the Mythical serpent Ruler of the Eastern Oceans, however their endeavors to mollify the powerful master simply aren’t sufficient. Watching the world blur to tidy, the Pagoda-Bearing Radiant Ruler’s child, Ne Zha, understands that the best way to save the ones he cherishes is to bring down the abhorrent powers answerable for this horrendous dry spell.

Setting out on a frantic mission, Ne Zha before long hears gossipy tidbits about five wizardry weapons that will assist with freeing the universe of insidiousness. Not set in stone to find these weapons, Ne Zha look all over, going head to head against every kind of abhorrent under the sun en route. Yet, few out of every odd soul he runs into is disgusting and only one out of every odd individual from the Winged serpent Ruler’s court is twisted on obliteration. At the point when destiny brings Ne Zha and the princess of the Eastern Oceans, Xiao Long Nu, together, the tides of the world start to move.

Nak Chambang Chorchork

Tencent Video
49 episodes · TV Ongoing អ្នកចម្បាំងចចក, The Wolf (2020), 狼殿下, The Majesty of Wolf

A young man raised by wolves falls head over heels for a youthful Mama Zhai Xing, the girl of a general and respectable master. Wrongly blamed for killing the godbrother of the Ruler, the kid is pursued down, driven off a precipice, and later protected by Lord Chu Kui. Lord Chu Kui has known about the momentous strength of the wolf kid and chooses to take on him. The wolf kid is renamed Chu You Wen and has the title of “Sovereign Bo” gave to him.

Eight years pass before Sovereign Bo experiences his young life darling, as her relatives are the survivors of a slaughter. Impeded by the awful situation, Ruler Bo ceases from recognizing his actual character regardless of as yet being enamored with her. Mama Zhai Xing hence meets Ji Chong, a drifter who goes gaga for her while supporting an unfamiliar princess. They bond, shaping a private fellowship. Then war breaks out between the domain and the maverick state faithful to the previous administration. Ruler Chu Kui designs an upset that will introduce him as the legitimate Sovereign. Everybody should now pick a side in the contention.

Nak Chambang Vinhean Mekhea

Mango TV
48 episodes · TV Completed

In the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms era, young Lu Ping escapes the wicked forces of Shanhai Tower and discovers his spiritual identity in a moment of enlightenment – or rather, his spiritual identities, as he becomes aware of six distinct souls revolving through his being. When Lu later begins to train and grow under his teacher’s masterful guidance, he meets eternal brethren and earns the affection of the young miss Qin along the way. All is going well until a vision reveals his relationship to an unresolved crime in the martial arts world of a decade earlier.

Nak Klahan Somnak Mek | Dance of the Sky Empire (2020) | Chinese Drama

28 episodes · TV Ongoing អ្នកក្លាហានសំណាក់មេឃ,​ Dance of the Sky Empire, 天舞纪

The story is set against the background of the prosperous Tang Administration in a time where people have crushed the Incomparable Mythical beast lord. Moyun Foundation is the main institute in Extraordinary Tang. In any case, it is said that an understudy of the school will turn into the impetus for the arrival of the winged serpent lord as well as the tribe Kunwu.

The appearance of Li Xuan, a human and Kunwu mixture; Su You Lian, a saintess; and Long Wei trama center, a sovereign, breaks the delicate harmony. During this time each of the three become trapped in a confounded relationship. As Li Xuan at last turns into a legend to individuals, he faces a problem of choosing where his devotion lies, with his heart and what his identity is or with his country and individuals he has known since youthful?

Nisai Sne Pon Chhnam

Mango TV
30 episodes · TV Completed និស្ស័យស្នេហ៍ពាន់ឆ្នាំ, Love of Thousand Years, 三千鸦杀

Fu Jiu Yun is an immortal deity who falls in love with a mortal woman with whom he longs to have a relationship. Plenty powerful yet unable to win her heart, he finds himself following her through a thousand years and ten different mortal incarnations, but to no avail.

Then she is reborn as a princess, giving promise to things being different. And indeed they will be since an evil-minded prince and a group of demons from a neighboring realm hatch a devious plan to destroy the princess. The plot succeeds in wiping out her family and devastating her realm in the process. By taking on the form of her maid Ah Man, she cleverly escapes from her foes.

Determined to exact revenge upon those who wronged her, she invites Fu Jiu Yun to help her, eventually forming a love bond. But destiny dictates that their romance may be short-lived, forcing them to make difficult decisions that will forever impact their lives and those of the princess’ subjects.

Nisay Sne Chea Niron

47 episodes · TV Completed

Fu Rong is the second girl of the strong Fu family. Yet, after a horrible incident and an excruciating disease, she is conceded the endowment of prescience. Ready to investigate her own future, she can see extraordinary marvels – an unspeakable misery.
She sees herself wedding a dapper duke named Su Xu Jin. However, she can likewise see that a grievous and inconvenient fate additionally looks for her. She starts to feel that her inauspicious termination might be connected to her friendship with the duke, so chooses to keep away from him no matter what. Be that as it may, predetermination won’t be so handily deterred: various devious plots take steps to oust the regal family and cast the domain into disorder. At last, Fu Rong understands that the main way she can assist with carrying harmony to the land is to unite with the duke – and endeavor to take the necessary steps to change her fortunes!

Virak Boros Hour Yean Chea

45 episodes · TV Completed វីរបុរស ហ៊ួរយានជា, Heroes 2020, 大侠霍元甲, Fearless Heroes

Virak Chon Moha Thang

Hunan TV
40 episodes · TV Completed

A story that follows the gifted Luo Qiuchi who due to events of the past escaped deep into the mountains. After meeting female scholar Wen Renjun, he hides his identity to study at Zhuxiu Academy in order to track down his enemy.

Tang poetry is the treasure of the nation. Luo Qiuchi (Fan Shiqi), a poor scholar who aspired to become a great poet of the Tang Dynasty. He passed the literary examintion and gained admission as a student at Zhuxiu Academy. However, he gets into a disagreement with Fu Yuanzhi over their poetic style and soon proves his merit by defeating Fu Yuanzhi. Many events ensue and Luo Qiuchi finds himself overcoming many obstacles as he continues to grow along with the other students of the academy.