Released 2019

Angkarak Chet Dek Kmean Metta

Mango TV
55 episodes · TV Completed

Lu Yi is a chilly, heartless and legitimate high-positioning official of the Ming Line’s Jinyiwei (otherwise called the Brocaded Watchmen for their intricately weaved outfits). The Jinyiwei are essential for the Ruler’s tip top protectors that likewise act as the mystery police, and Lu Yi is truly outstanding at his specific employment.

He meets Yuan Jin Xia, a shrewd, scrappy and tom-innocent female official from the Police’s sixth Division, and they conflict over a case that the two of them were engaged with. Their ways keep on getting obnoxiously over a progression of minor cases until Lu Yi was charged by the Head to furtively research the vanishing of assets that have been saved for stream fixes in Yangzhou. Some portion of the little group going with him incorporates Yuan Jin Xia, and as both of them cooperate to settle the case, they wind up uncovering a trick including high court authorities while their affections for one another gradually change from abhorrence to conscious companionship to cherish.

Bontor Nisai Knong Kdey Soben

Tencent Video
40 episodes · TV Completed

A story that follows the yearning current planner Xiao Wei, who loses all sense of direction in the Prohibited City, during the Qing Tradition. At the point when given a light from that time, she balances it in her loft.
300 years previously, the thirteenth ruler ends up longing for the future where he meets Xiao Wei, just to go gaga for her.

Having time-traveled to the castle, Xiao Wei acknowledges she can’t perceive the man she succumbed to, notwithstanding having rejoined with the kind thirteenth Ruler. Unfaltering, she proceeds with her pursuit, meeting different rulers, to be specific the aggressive fourteenth Sovereign, the unfilial ninth Sovereign, the principled fourth Sovereign and the troubled Crown Sovereign. Subsequent to experiencing the masterful Ruler Kang Xi, Xiao Wei becomes entangled in the political disturbances partitioning the Illustrious Court.
For all concerned, picking the correct way turns into a troublesome undertaking, one that rehashes the same thing over and over.

Nak Klahan Pus Mek Jrek Piphup Kun

Tencent Video
50 episodes · TV Completed

Title: អ្នកក្លាហានពុះមេឃជ្រែកពិភពគុន, The Untamed, Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation, The Founder of Diabolism, Mo Dao Zu Shi, MDZS, Chén Qíng Lìng, Chen Qing Ling , Chan Ching Ling , 陈情令
Wei Wu Xian and Lan Wang Ji, two capable devotees of regarded families, meet during development preparing and coincidentally find a mystery painstakingly concealed for a long time. Assuming the tradition of their predecessors, they choose to free the universe of the unfavorable danger. Be that as it may, in a sensational new development, Wei Wu Xian passes on.

After sixteen years, Wei Wu Xian is resurrected through a benevolent custom. He covers himself behind a veil and expects the personality of his summoner. Before long, Wei Wu Xian reunites with Lan Wang Ji and they begin cooperating to address the secrets of the present and unwind reality behind the occasions previously.

Pesakakam 7 Thngai

Dragon TV
28 episodes · TV Completed

The story follows Li Xiaoyu whose peaceful life is shattered when he tries to cover for his friend Qiu Yongbang when the latter tries to steal from a casino. Things go bad as the casino owner is killed and Li Xiaoyu becomes the main suspect.