Released 2018

Metob Aky Chlong Phop

Hunan TV
33 episodes · TV Completed

A story rotating around the Fire God, the Breeze Goddess and the following sentiment between them as they put their lives in danger for their country.
Millennia prior, there was a lovely planet among the stars where the gods resided. Among them, there were six strong divine beings that incorporate the Lord of Fire, Goddess of Wind and the Lord of Mountain. They kept up with the harmony in the domains. During a risky fight with dull powers, the gods experience an enormous blow. Wind is mysteriously absent in the wake of saving Fire. To find an other energy source to save their home, Fire goes to the radiant time of Tang Tradition where he meets an individual who very closely resembles his tragically missing affection, the Goddess of Wind and lights a confounded sentiment between the two.

Nak Klahan Chorchork Reatrey

61 episodes · TV Completed យុទ្ធសិល្ប៍អ្នកក្លាហានចចករាត្រី, Ever Night (2018), Jiang Ye Zhi Di Guo De Qing Chen , 将夜

At the point when a family was treacherously slaughtered by an incredible general, a little fellow named Ning Que got away. He figured out how to get by in the wilds through his brains and developing battling abilities. At some point, he recovered from a heap of carcasses a child young lady whom he named Sang. Since that day, both of them have been indistinguishable. Ning Que enlisted in the boondocks military and in the long run turned out to be essential for the escort of Princess Li Yu as she ventured out back to the capital. He figured out how to find the secret school known as the Upper Story, which drove him and Sang to many wondrous experiences.

Numerous unfriendly powers are gathering around them, and individuals are not who they give off an impression of being. Is Ning Que the child of the Ruler of the Hidden world, or the friend in need of humankind against the Timeless Evening?

Ning Que would challenge the powers of Paradise and Earth to safeguard his dearest and get payback…

Pet Tep Yun Xi

48 episodes · TV Completed

The story follows a woman specialist called Han Yun Xi, who weds into the regal family and gets found out in the political ruses in the castle while she falls into a sentiment with her significant other.

The story happens during a tumultuous time when the land has parted into three realms; Tian Ning, Western Zhou, and Northern Li. The Sovereign of Tian Ning is clever and wary and fears his own subordinate, Long Fei Ye. To hose his spirits, the Lord sorts out for Long Fei Ye to be hitched to an “revolting” lady named Han Yun Xi.

Han Yun Xi is a sort and gifted lady who comes from a clinical family and is proficient with harms. She is likewise constrained into complying with the declaration of the lord and turns into an imperial partner in name as it were. Notwithstanding, conditions permit her to flaunt her abilities over and over, winning the esteem of Long Fei Ye. Simultaneously, she likewise frames a fellowship with Gu Qi Shao, Expert of Yao Gui Valley.