Released 2017

Komnum Sne Neakareach

Dragon TV
87 episodes · TV Completed

After the old Emperor crushed the evil spirits, the broke blade was broken into two sections. Two blade spirits were conceived – Zhao Yun and Mu Yun. Be that as it may, because of the disarray brought about by the fights, the two siblings were isolated since birth. Zhao Yun was raised by a gathering of fighters called Flying Feathers, responsible for helping Gong Yang Xiang’s journey to extend the Kingdom of Xiaoyue; while Mu Yun was under the Bronze Bird multitude of Wei Kingdom, who are brutal and severe, and frequently attack the adjoining nations. The two siblings were brought together in a fight between their realms. At the point when Zhao Yun finds reality, he utilizes their bloodline to save Mu Yun from risk.

The charitable Zhao Yun was shattered to see individuals experiencing because of war. With the assistance of Ye Ya Xi, a princess from a clan, the two siblings cooperated and defeated perilous and tough spots. Eventually, they found the Emperor blade which represents equity, utilizing it to overcome the horrible and savage Chun Yu Yue, consequently annihilating the Bronze Bird armed force and taking harmony back to the world.

Neak Proyuth Ler Plov Machureach

25 episodes · TV Completed

Xia Ling, is a senior undergrad and searching for occupations. After an oddity mishap where she is the main survivor, she keeps on carrying on with her life, but when numerous misfortunate occasions begin happening she understands she is currently reviled. She is then informed that there is just a single method for safeguarding her life. She wounds up looking for a road called Rakshasa, she surges out. Starting here on it’s beyond any good time to turn around and she has crossed into a momentary aspect, the extension between the human domain and heck, where spirits are kept until they are authorized. There are numerous roads like this and every road has a gatekeeper general, watching the spot. At Rakshasa Street, it’s the turf of two siblings – Cao Yan Bing (more seasoned) and Cao Xuan Liang, probably are relatives of Cao. In this world brimming with fiendish spirits, might you at any point help out your gatekeeper soul to make due?

Pnakngea Pises Preah Neang Toch

Hunan TV
58 episodes · TV Completed

The story happens during the turbulent seasons of Wei, where blameless residents are frequently captured and transformed into slaves. Slave young lady, Chu Qiao was tossed into a backwoods alongside different slaves and turns into the following hunting objective for the rich masters. She is saved by the Prince of Yanbei, Yan Xun. Subsequently, she is brought into a strong group of Yu Wen and witnesses their horrendous epic showdown. Seeing this, she commits to take her more youthful sister and escape from the circumstance. Notwithstanding, she grabs the eye of Yu Wen Yue and goes through severe preparation while building a feeling of friendship with Yan Xun. Show centers around Chu Qiao’s life convictions and her battle to get by in a brutal and unreasonable world.