Novoland: Pearl Eclipse (2021)

Novoland: Pearl Eclipse

斛珠夫人, Hu Zhu Fu Ren , Jiu Zhou: Hu Zhu Fu Ren , 九州·斛珠夫人
Rating 8.5
Status: Completed Network: Released: Nov 10, 2021 Duration: 45 min Country: , Type: Drama Episodes: 48 Director: , Casts: , , , , ,
In the event that one can make a Naga mermaid cry, the shed tears will transform into precious iridescent pearls. Hai Shi is a little kid residing in a beach front town where individuals utilize the trick of killing their youngsters to make mermaids cry and assemble the pearls to settle for charges. It was on such a fishing trip that Hai Shi's dad was killed. Hai Shi's town was stripped by warriors and she fosters resentment against the head whom she considers liable for the grievous occasions and commitments to look for vengeance. She then, at that point, meets Tooth Zhu who is an authority of the royal court and the sovereign's nearest associate. Tooth Zhu offers to acknowledge Hai Shi as a follower depending on the prerequisite that she conceals her actual character and postures as a kid. She acknowledges the terms. The realm is in danger because of a narcissistic and unconcerned ruler, distress in court, and consistent struggle with adjoining realms and just kept intact by Tooth Zhu's sheer assurance. Years pass and Hai Shi enlists in the illustrious military. Her affections for her lord and their restricting opinions towards the ruler become a question of contention while secret plots and plans compromise the actual texture of their realm.