My Sassy Girl (2024)

My Sassy Girl

My Sassy Wife, 我家娘子惹不起, Wo Jia Niang Zi Bu Hao Re , Ngo Ga Neung Ji Bat Hou Ye , Wo Jia Niang Zi Re Bu Qi
Rating 8.0
Status: Ongoing Network: Released: Jun 21, 2024 Duration: 28 min Country: , Type: Drama Episodes: 24 Director: Casts: , , , , ,
Lu Nan Yi and Lin Qing Qiu were guiltless close companions in their childhood. Their distinction in economic wellbeing didn't prevent them from covertly becoming hopelessly enamored. Similarly as they were going to take off together, the bliss that they longed for turns into a relic of past times. They head out in different directions as a result of a goodbye letter and when they meet once more, their heart is as yet pounding... Lu Nan Yi, the little girl of a trader, and Lin Qing Qiu, the child of a respectable family, were youth darlings who guaranteed their other lives to one another. On a turbulent evening, when they had arranged to fly far and high together, they were isolated. After three years, Lin Qing Qiu turned into the consul of Jinzhou, while Lu Nan Yi turned into a well known writer. As he gets down to business, Lin Qing Qiu, who is new to the position, expects to apply severe measures. Be that as it may, Lu Nan Yi becomes engaged with a homicide case in light of her composition. Seeing each other again after such a long time, the two exes begin to "get payback" for the hurt that they encountered previously. During the time spent dealing with a case together to find reality, their account of experiencing passionate feelings for once more starts.