Lost You Forever SI (Special Edition)

Lost You Forever S1 (Special Edition)

Lost You Forever 1 , Lost You Forever Season 1 , Eternally Yearning for You 1 , Sauvignon Blanc 1 , Zhang Xiang Si 1 , Zhang Xiang Si Di Yi Ji , 长相思1
Rating 8.5
Status: Completed Network: Released: Jun 28, 2024 Country: , Type: Drama Episodes: 10 Director: , Casts: , , , , ,
There were once three kingdoms that ruled the world of Dahuang: Xiyan, Chenrong, and Haoling. General Chi Chen commanded the Chenrong forces during the conflict between Xiyan and Chenrong. The General Princess role was given to the daughter of the Emperor of Xiyan at the last minute. She crushed General Chi Chen at the expense of her own life, and prevailed with regards to reversing the situation of the conflict. Chenrong lost its energy and was vanquished by Xiyan. The General Princess cared for two children before her death: her little girl nicknamed Xiao Yao, and her nephew Cang Xuan. Cang Xuan and Xiao Yao were left alone with no one to rely on after her death. Be that as it may, Xiao Yao was shipped off Jade Mountain, and the two were isolated. Xiao Yao perseveres through numerous difficulties, yet after 300 years she has changed her orientation and appearance, and is running a little facility under the name Wen Xiao Liu. In Qingshui Town, this doctor, his assistant, a winemaker, and a demon military advisor meet. These meetings will alter the future of Dahuang as a whole in this town that is not under the control of Xiyan Kingdom or Haoling Kingdom.