Fireworks of My Heart (2023)

Fireworks of My Heart

我的人间烟火, My Fireworks on Earth, Waiting for You in a City, Wo De Ren Jian Yan Hou
Rating 8.2
Status: Completed Network: Released: Jul 5, 2023 Duration: 45 min Season: Country: Type: Drama Episodes: 40 Director: Casts: , , ,
Growing up, Melody Yan and Xu Qin were awesome of companions. Be that as it may, as they became older, their families started to see their companionship in a negative light. Reluctant to permit their relationship to go any farther, Melody Yan and Xu Qin were constrained separated by their families, at no point ever to see each other in the future. In the decade since their constrained division, both Melody Yan and Xu Qin have endeavored to construct the existence they've for a long time truly cared about. As fire boss, Tune Yan has committed his life to saving others. Strangely, Xu Qin has likewise made it her all consuming purpose to save others as a crisis specialist. However working in completely various fields, it was inevitable before destiny stepped in to rejoin the previous companions. United by their work, Tune Yan and Xu Qin aren't precisely excited to be brought together by and by. Working one next to the other, it's not difficult to perceive the development each has made throughout the long term, yet there's still such a lot of Xu Qin and Melody Yan to manage on the off chance that they will transform this new relationship of theirs into something else. Do they have the stuff to defeat the impediments before them or is their ongoing relationship bound to be basically as short lived as the last?